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Meet Bobbi

and tyson

Bobbi is a home cook with a lot of baking experience.

Tyson is a bulldog who likes to be around Bobbi when she cooks.

To be honest, she really didn't get a choice in the matter.

Once Tyson had the opportunity to get a closer look, Baking With a Bulldog was born!

Love our theme song? Listen to it here:

Baking With A Bulldog Theme IISNÜZZ
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Bobbi is a home cook with a lot of baking experience--and not just desserts. She has great recipes for baked meals, breads, and (of course) dog treats. Her family owns a restaurant that's been a Cape Cod staple for over 25 years. She has been around great cooks all of her life, read and watched so many great chefs--and she always wants to share what she's learned. Bobbi has a real passion for making adaptable recipes--changing out ingredients for dietary needs, taste preferences or lifestyle choices.  


Tyson is a mix of an English bulldog and a Boston terrier and maybe a few other things too. He likes to think that he's a lap dog, but he's a big boy. And a total goofball. He was a rescue with a long list of health issues and he had been in and out of shelters through the years before he was adopted by Bobbi and her family. He's truly blossomed with great food, great vet care and a lot of love. Tyson is a wonderful dog with a smile that makes you smile, and we wouldn't trade him for anything. 


We adopted Tyson from Home at Last Dog Rescue, a wonderful group that works very closely with ACCT in Philadelphia. They're a great organization! Please use this link to visit their site--and consider making a donation!

Our show is sponsored by Boulevard Baking, a great online resource for home bakers. They have bakeware, kitchen essentials (great kitchen towels and magnetic measuring spoons!), pantry items, single origin coffee and gourmet tea. Almost everything that we use on the show is available at the Boulevard Baking website. And, if you use this link, you get 10% off your order (exclusive of gift cards and coffee purchases). You can also use the code BULLDOG during checkout to get the discount.

Our theme song is by the incredible SNUZZ, aka Britt Uzzell. Britt is a legend in the NC music scene and developed a devoted following through bands like Big Kids and Bus Stop. He also toured with his friend, Ben Folds. We are so grateful that he took the time to give us this great tune. Britt is an amazing person and an excellent musician. Please check out his work and support him by visiting his bandcamp site, which is a great resource for independent music. 

Tyson's wardrobe comes from LACONA SUPPLY, where they have great dog collars and bow ties in all kinds of sizes. Please check out their online store for clothing (for people!), accessories, decor and pet items. 

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Thanks for visiting us--and go bake something great!

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